Below, you can select a pedestal based on the type of connection that’s on the back of your device or cradle. NOTE: Arkon offers a variety of different mounting patterns (attached to the end of each pedestal) including the SINGLE T, DUAL T, 4-HOLE AMPS, SLIDE-IN, and even one for certain models of the TOM-TOM® GO.

Arkon offers the widest selection of windshield suction pedestals and also specializes in those designed to attach to a
car’s dash or console, cup holder opening, air vent louver, bicycle handlebar and helicopter yoke, front seat car track, and nearly every other imaginable surface in the vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement or additional pedestal for an Arkon product, or you need a superior solution to the one you received in another manufacturer’s bundle, Arkon has the pedestal that’s right for you. Please select your pedestal category below based on the respective mounting pattern featured on the back of your cradle or device.